Big White Box Of Red Eternal Rose, 45pcs Preserved rose in box.

Big Box Of Roses

Big Box of Roses Delivery: Surprise and Delight.
Classic 36 pcs Preserved Rose in Big Velet Box

We provide customized services for all customers with customized needs, including customized flower color, packaging type and color, brand customization and even style customization.

We will determine the specific transportation method according to the user’s address and product quantity. Usually, the transportation methods available are: sea transportation, railway transportation, air transportation (large package), DHL, UPS, FEDEX, EMS, etc. We also support specifying the shipping method.



Can eternal flowers be customized or arranged in different ways?

Yes, one of the advantages of eternal flowers is their versatility in customization and arrangement. They can be arranged in various shapes, sizes, and styles, catering to different preferences and themes. You can choose from different types of eternal flowers, including roses, lilies, orchids, and more, to create unique arrangements. Additionally, eternal flowers can be combined with other preserved elements like foliage, grasses, or even dried flowers to add texture and depth to the arrangements. Whether you prefer a classic bouquet or a modern centerpiece, eternal flowers can be tailored to suit your desired aesthetic.

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Big box of eternal rose color card, with red rose, pink, rose, purple rose etc and accept customized color for you.

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In the realm of floral gifting, big rose boxes epitomize luxury, sophistication, and profound sentiments. These grand presentations transcend conventional expressions of emotion. Each big rose box is meticulously curated with vibrant, natural rose petals, crafting a visually stunning and fragrantly enticing experience.

Color Meaning in Rose Selection
The color of roses plays an essential role in communication. Red roses denote deep affection and fervor, ideal for amorous events. Yellow roses, symbolizing friendship and happiness, are a splendid selection for celebrating joyous occasions. The gentle tone of pink roses signifies esteem and thankfulness, suited for showing appreciation or commemorating significant achievements.

We offer an array of color options and also provide color customization to enhance brand recognition and draw consumer interest. Distinct colors like Chanel’s black, Cartier’s red, and HERMES’ orange immediately evoke these brands. Selecting a distinctive brand color is thus advantageous.

Customization: A Personal Touch
Customizing big rose boxes with a name or personal message adds a unique element to the offering. Custom services are becoming increasingly crucial for businesses to remain competitive. Our customization options extend from design to packaging, color, and finer details, allowing for a uniquely tailored design.

Longevity: Preserved Elegance
The durability of our roses is paramount. Many upscale florists present preserved roses that maintain their allure for extended periods without water, perfect for immortalizing cherished memories.

Presentation: Packaging and Delivery
The packaging of a big rose box is as pivotal as the roses themselves. We advocate for boxes crafted from premium materials, in classic shades such as black or white, which accentuate the roses’ natural charm. We specialize in customized packaging to bolster brand identity and ensure roses are delivered in their pristine condition through various secure transportation options.

Sustainability: Eco-Conscious Selection
Eco-friendliness is vital in the floral industry. We commit to sustainable practices by sourcing roses responsibly and utilizing biodegradable materials, minimizing chemical use during production to guarantee eco-safe products.

Seasonal Updates: Holiday Styles
Distinctive holiday-themed big rose boxes, featuring unique colors and styles, cater to the festive spirit of occasions like Valentine’s Day, Mother’s Day, Easter, and Christmas, enhancing the allure for consumers.

Pricing: Luxury Meets Affordability
While big rose boxes are synonymous with opulence, we cater to diverse budgets without compromising quality, with prices contingent on the number of roses, variety, and customization levels.

For an exquisite rose box gift that harmonizes luxury with your budget, look no further. Our selection includes roses in a box, preserved flower boxes, rose arrangements in a box, and more. Whether you’re seeking a box of real roses, fresh roses in a box, or wish to send roses in a box, our offerings meet all desires, including long rose boxes and even budget-friendly options like cheap box roses.

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