single immortal rose head in glass dome with other decoration flower for any special day.

Immortal Mix Color Rose In Glass Dome

Immortal mix color rose with preserved moss, everlasting hydrangea in glass dome with gift card and box.

We provide customized services for all customers with customized needs, including customized flower color, packaging type and color, brand customization and even style customization.

We will determine the specific transportation method according to the user’s address and product quantity. Usually, the transportation methods available are: sea transportation, railway transportation, air transportation (large package), DHL, UPS, FEDEX, EMS, etc. We also support specifying the shipping method.



The varieties and customizations of immortal rose in glass dome.

Immortal roses come in various colors, each carrying its unique meaning. Red immortal roses symbolize love and passion, while yellow immortal roses represent friendship and joy. White immortal roses signify purity and new beginnings, and pink immortal roses convey admiration and gratitude.
Currently, there are more than 30 conventional colors and mixed colors to choose from, and special colors can be customized to enhance the uniqueness and market competitiveness of your products.
In addition, we also offer customizations, such as adding a base with LED lights, engraved messages, combining different rose colors in one dome, and brand package for you.

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We provide the highest quality forever rose that year. We offer a variety of luxurious colors, which are perfect gifts for any occasion. Fresh-keeping roses are real roses that go through an organic process to maintain their freshness and enhance their appearance. No maintenance, no watering. This beautifully preserved rose gift is perfect for home or office decoration and will add brilliance to someone’s day. The design is exquisite and leaves a lasting impression.

Why Choose Sweetie:

  • High-quality rose materials: Roses are picked 3 times a year, and the highest-quality roses are strictly selected to make products;
  • Convenient geographical location: The factory is located in Yunnan, the largest rose producing area in China, which saves transportation costs, reduces raw material loss, and guarantees the quality of rose heads;
  • Complete product matching: Established strategic partnerships with more than a dozen raw material suppliers, and have strong support from raw materials to product matching;
  • Professional product research and development: We have professional market research consultants, product research and development designers, and senior graphic designers to provide customers with solid products, technical support, and strong market competitiveness;
  • Rich market experience: With 13 years of e-commerce operation experience and 10 years of product export experience, it provides professional experience support for many of our customers and helps customers solve problems they encounter.

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