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In the enchanting realm of gift-giving, the Immortal Flower Gift stands as a symbol of enduring beauty and timeless affection. We will explore the diverse array of vendors selling these businese sellers. Additionally, we will delve into the intricate supply chain of its, uncovering the sources of these ethereal blooms and the methods employed in their transformation from natural wonders to immortal flower gifts keepsakes.

Immortal Flower Gift Supplier Planted Based

Good seller of Immortal flower gifts

The market trend for Immortal Flower Gifts has seen a significant rise, resonating with customers seeking a blend of traditional floral beauty and long-lasting value. These gifts have become popular for occasions where the symbolism of permanence and unchanging affection is cherished, such as anniversaries, significant milestones, and expressions of deep, enduring love..

Several stores are currently excelling in the sale of immortal flower gifts, each offering unique styles and features:

Immortal Fleur – This store specializes in beautifully preserved rose boxes, ideal for holidays and special occasions. Their best-selling product highlights the timeless elegance of roses, preserved to maintain their beauty and significance over time [1].

GLAMOUR BOUTIQUE on Amazon – Offering a 7-Piece Forever Flowers Round Box, this boutique presents preserved roses that last a year. These immortal roses are a blend of luxury and longevity, crafted to serve as eternal symbols of affection [2].

Venus et Fleur – Known for custom flower arrangements and luxury roses, Venus et Fleur’s eternity® flowers are designed to last the entire year. They offer a range of customizations, catering to a high-end market with a focus on opulence and lasting impressions [3].

GLAMOUR BOUTIQUE on Amazon – Another offering includes a 16-Piece Forever Flowers Heart arrangement, blending the romantic symbolism of heart shapes with the enduring beauty of preserved flowers [4].

Each of these stores offers a unique take on immortal flower gifts, ranging from classic elegance to modern innovation, catering to diverse tastes and preferences.
Today we will be studying Venus Et Fleur.

The features of Venus Et Fleur’s Product

Venus Et Fleur is renowned for its Eternity® Roses and floral arrangements, noted for their enduring beauty and stylish presentation. Key highlights of their collection include:

Large Square – A striking arrangement in a large square box, filled with long-lasting Eternity Roses, a core element of Venus Et Fleur’s offerings.

The first is a Kind of unique arrangement displays Eternity Roses in a transparent case, merging modern aesthetics with the timeless beauty of preserved roses.
The second is more compact version, featuring a round box filled with Eternity Roses, ideal for smaller spaces but equally elegant.
The third is similar in design to Le Clair Neuf but in a smaller format, this arrangement offers versatility for various settings.
And Latest Eternity® Roses, Flowers, and Gifts: Continuously refreshing their collection, Venus Et Fleur stays ahead of trends with new designs and arrangements.

Who are the suppliers of Venus Et Fleur?

One of the suppliers of Venus Et Fleur is identified as Beijing Sweetie-Gifts.Co.,Ltd. based in Beijing City, China.
This company is involved in supplying Venus Et Fleur, LLC, as indicated by their import history[5]

immortal flower gifts seller's supplier data

Who is Beijing Sweetie- Gifts Co.,Ltd

Main Products: Beijing Sweetie-Gifts is involved in the preserved fresh flower market. They specialize in immortal flower gifts products, as indicated in the market analysis. immortal flowers are their main product offering

We can find from the Preserved Fresh Flower Market 2023[6] published by Linkedin that Beijing Sweetie-Gifts has maintained active activities in the immortal flower market. The specific sales amount was not disclosed in this report. In addition, importyeti’s[7] data indicates that Beijing Sweetie has been exported to the United States in 2022. However, due to data permission restrictions, we cannot obtain accurate information, but this shows that Beijing Sweetie and the immortal flower seller in The USA have commercial cooperation.

About reviews: One of their products, a preserved real rose with LED in glass, is listed on Amazon. It has received customer reviews, averaging 4.3 out of 5 stars from 108 reviews. This indicates generally positive customer feedback for this product.

Main products styles of Beijing Sweetie-Gifts Co.,Ltd

Beijing Sweetie-Gifts Co., Ltd specializes in a variety of products, primarily focusing on preserved flowers and related decorative items. Their main product styles include:

How cantact the manger of Beijing Sweetie-Gifts?

You can Click Here get the information.


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Introduction:Preserved flowers have gained immense popularity in recent years due to their long-lasting beauty and versatility. They are widely used in various events, such as

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