How to distinguish between preserved roses flowers and dried flowers

Preserved roses flower is a new flower in the market in recent years. Many people may not have contacted it and don’t know it well. So many people think that preserved roses flower and dried flowers are a kind of flowers. In fact, this idea is wrong. Then, everlasting flowers What is the difference between preserved roses flower and dried flowers? Today, We will answer this question for everyone!

1. Production process

  There is a big difference between preserved roses flower and dried flowers in the production method. Although both of them are made from natural flowers, the immortal production method is more troublesome. They are dehydrated, decolorized, dried, dyed, etc. It is processed by a series of complex processes, which preserves the softness of the flowers, and looks the same as fresh flowers; but dried flowers are made by using methods such as natural air drying and microwave drying to remove the water in the flowers.

2. Appearance

  The preserved roses flower is processed by a special technique. Although the name has changed, the whole flower still looks exactly the same as the normal flower. It looks like a fresh flower; but the dried flower is dried or air-dried naturally, so the dried flower is given to people. It feels dry and wrinkled, and it looks like a stale flower. Dried flowers pay attention to a bleak beauty.

3. Market potential

  As a creative flower, preserved roses flower will be more popular in the global market in the future. In recent years, many companies have promoted preserved roses flower in large-scale flower exhibitions. The uses of preserved roses flower are particularly large. Flower design , Home decoration and event celebrations can be used. Dried flowers have become relatively well-known flowers, and their prospects are not as big as immortal flowers.

4. Feel of Touch

  preserved roses flower are made by a special method. The flowers are eluted to remove the content of plant cells-sugar, fat, etc., and the plant cells that have been preserved and dyed retain their natural structure, shape and color, so The feeling to the touch is the same as that of fresh flowers. Dried flowers are different. Dried flowers are made of flowers because they lose moisture. Therefore, the dry flowers feel dry to the touch, not fresh and not beautiful.

5. Save time

The preserved roses flower is a kind of flower that can be preserved for a long time. It maintains the characteristics of the flower and the gorgeous color of the flower. It can be stored for at least 3 years. It is used in many flower designs and home decorations; preservation of dried flowers It takes a long time, but the preservation of dried flowers is relatively troublesome and must be placed in a dry and ventilated place, otherwise the dried flowers are prone to dampness and corruption.


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