Here, Rose Bear Has New Style

In recent years, Rose Bear is undoubtedly a hot-selling gift among gifts. With its cute shape, beautiful meaning and relatively low price, it is deeply loved by everyone.

But, as a wholesaler of gifts, are you looking for new products to satisfy your customers and keep up with trends. If you haven’t found the right product yet, take a look at the new arrivals from Sweetie Roses.

Every holiday, everyone will send gifts to each other to express their blessings. According to the statistics of Sweetie Roses, rose bear accounts for 50% of the statistics of various holiday gifts, but this has led to a phenomenon: the gifts that everyone receives are easy to bump into the money, But now Sweetie Roses has a variety of styles to meet the needs of customers.

Sweetie Roses has about 20 roes bear products and similar products to choose from, which can help you solve the problem of insufficient new products, enrich your product line, and gain more market and profit.

First, let’s answer: why is rose bear so popular? Why do customers like it?

1. It lasts for a long time

No one wants to receive a gift that fades or is abandoned after a while. Roses represent pure love, but fresh roses cannot be preserved for a long time, which brings great trouble to people. Until rose bear appeared, it met all expectations for rose gifts: the romance of roses and eternal love.

2. Witness your love

Different from other gifts that are not easy to keep, rose bear can accompany your romantic life and witness your love story.

3. Applicable to any festival

Rose bear has many application scenarios, and it will appear in any festival that rose can be applied to; whether it is your wife, parents, your friends, etc.

4. A unique gift

Compared with a bunch of flowers, the rose bear can better reflect your intentions, and behind it is your sincerity and love for the other party; the other party can proudly display your gift on any occasion;

Rose Bear has a lot of advantages that can’t be denied, but now you need some new styles to meet the needs of different people to help enrich your product line and have more markets.

Here are some of the new arrivals from Sweetie roses:

In addition, many customers now want to have a rose bear of their own to ensure the difference between themselves and other wholesalers. This is very simple for us, just need you to tell us your thoughts, we have a professional design team and factory to complete the latter.

So how to customize the exclusive Rose Bear?

1. Determine the appearance and size

we need to first determine the shape and size of the mold from the mold library, which is the basis of our products;

2. Determine the product color

We have more than 20 regular colors, you can choose a single color or mixed colors, the combination of different colors will give us more products and inspiration;

3. Determine the packaging of the product

Packaging is also an important part of the product. It is worth noting that Sweetie Roses has its own packaging factory, which can provide you with more packaging information and suggestions for your reference;

Through the above 3 steps, you can get your own Rose Bear, even if you don’t know other information.

As mentioned above, we here at Sweetie Roses are happy to assist you.

With 14 years of experience in the production and development of flower gift products, we have become the leader of flower gift products. We can develop and produce all kinds of flower gift products.

So if you have an idea for a custom rose bear or get inspired by our suggestions above, we’d love to make it happen for you.

Contact our sales team today to learn more about products, customization, delivery.


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