The most popular Olympic rose gift

Picture from the official website of the 2020 Tokyo Olympics

Want to give a special gift?

A gift, you can write in it: Just like my love for you, this flower has withstood all the trials and blooms year after year.

Therefore, you need to give these victorious flowers as a gift to your favorite person, just as the Olympic gold medal must be awarded to the best person.

The Tokyo Olympic Games will be held in Tokyo on July 23. To celebrate this occasion, we have developed a series of special flower gifts and displayed them here.

Inspired by the German flag

Like the Olympic gold medal, these flowers have undergone strict screening and comparison in terms of vitality, leaves, size, appearance, floral fragrance, etc., to select the best quality flowers, which means that not any flower can be our flower gift Part.

“These are special roses” explained the head of the flower garden base, “We provide raw materials and gifts made of special roses to 56 countries and regions in the world. Limited by the planting environment, these roses are usually reproduced in small quantities, so they will not be used in Large-scale global distribution”

“But it doesn’t mean that they are not easy to obtain,” the head of the Sweetie-Roses project added, “just a little bit of effort.” “The best source of special roses is China’s Yunnan Province, which is recognized as one of the most suitable areas for growing special roses.”

Sweetie-Roses uses these special roses to make many flower gift products. This time, in conjunction with the 32nd Summer Olympics, it has developed many special flower gifts to add more color to people’s lives.

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