Where can I buy cheap preserved flowers

Due to the raging COVID-19, the cost of international trade has risen, and the price of preserved roses is also rising. Where can I buy cheap preserved flowers?

It is known to many that the origin of preserved flowers is in China, but due to the raging COVID-19, offline exhibitions cannot be attended and held, and international transportation costs are rising, it is increasingly difficult to find a high-quality eternal flower supplier. For this reason, I summarized the current ways to find suppliers and their respective advantages and disadvantages:


As the largest cross-border e-commerce platform in China, Alibaba brings together almost all export merchants in China, including 95% preserved flower export merchants. Here we can easily find suppliers and shop around; but because it is Online transactions, and there are many types of merchants, it is difficult for us to identify suppliers, and we cannot control their production capacity, product quality, and business reputation. As a result, many customers who transact through Alibaba rarely find a supply that is worthy of long-term cooperation. Quotient


1688 is also an online wholesale platform under the Alibaba group. It is the largest online wholesale platform in China. The platform brings together nearly 80% of wholesalers and 95% of the factories in China, which contains the upstream and downstream products of preserved flowers. Compared with Alibaba, 1688 has a lower price and is closer to the source of the product, but because the main buyers of the platform are Chinese customers, many merchants do not provide services in languages ​​other than Chinese and do not know much about international transportation, customs duties, etc…

3.Google Search

  Google is the world’s largest search engine, with the largest user groups and visits. It also contains the websites of all the world’s preserved flower sellers (including sweetie-roses.com). We only need to enter the corresponding search here. The word Google can give the corresponding search results. Compared with Alibaba, Google contains the URLs of global preserved flower sellers, wholesalers, and factories. The number of sellers is more complete, but we need to select a strong one in the world. It takes a long time for factories. We need to distinguish whether they are retailers, wholesalers, or factories. We need to distinguish whether they are from China, the United States, or India. This will undoubtedly bring us a huge workload;


  Amazon is the world’s largest cross-border e-commerce platform. It has overseas warehouses in many countries and sellers all over the country. It has unparalleled advantages in terms of product types and transportation timeliness. However, Amazon faces end customers. There is no advantage in product price, and the transportation cost is relatively expensive. If our purchase is small and urgently needed, we can consider buying on Amazon.

5. Some other online wholesale websites such as Lazada

   These wholesale websites are more applicable in some countries, their coverage is not very wide, the occupancy rate of sellers is not very high and the scale of sellers is relatively small, so it is not recommended to find suppliers on these platforms, because Chinese sellers who settle on these platforms are also Will settle in Alibaba, 1688 and Google, so just have the above ones.

6. Offline exhibition

   Offline exhibitions are the most intuitive and effective way to find suppliers. We can clearly understand the strength of sellers, product quality, and face-to-face discussions about prices and other issues that buyers are more concerned about; however, the cost of offline exhibitions in general. It is relatively high. If you are not in your home country, you will need to deal with and bear visas, air tickets, hotels, and other matters and expenses.

7. Sweetie-rose.com

   SWEETIE is China’s largest exporter and wholesaler of preserved flower products and the largest flower seller in China. It has four factories in Beijing, Henan, Yiwu, and Yunnan. It is headquartered in Beijing and has a branch in Tianjin.

The above is a summary of some frequently used ways to buy cheap preserved flowers:

If you choose an experienced supplier in China, you can go to Alibaba; if you choose a low-priced supplier in China, you can go to 1688; if you choose a supplier on a global scale, you can go to Google; if you purchase less, you can go to Amazon for self-use products; a more recommended Chinese supplier It’s SWEETIE.


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